August 23, 2017 6:13 PM
Mien people in different traditional clothing drawn as cartoon characters. This is just a few drawn from the many different traditional clothings.

Iu Mien Traditional Clothing Drawn as Cartoon Characters
August 17, 2017 7:27 AM
Here is another song to practice your Mien language.
Dangc, Mengh Jiem - Maiv maaih noic zuov

August 15, 2017 8:17 AM
This is a song from the Kiim Munh dialect of the Mien language. See if you can hear any familiar words. Or see if you understand any at all. The translation may not be perfect.

Song Title: Zuc meih daih zuol yal (Zuov meih daaih longc yie)

*Souv soud nyangs aic rongl
Cing cing nyei nzung

Ngiangc ngiangv nyangs rongl siin
Mbiortc-mbiortc nyei nzung qiex

Yal bo laoc deic nquai
Yie yiem hlauv gemh nyiec

Aic nuol Kiim Munh rongl
Baaux jienv naaiv diuh nzung

Youd youc roac daid
Go go nziaaux daaih

Aanl rac did sangl dais
Zorqv fang si lorngz njiec

Fangh nqoi xapc ngeis
Biangh nqoi ziepc leih

Sangh maic nyangh nyangv daod
Zuov bungz sieqv nyei longx hnyangx

**Nyanh baih zeic ngongc
Nyaanh ging mbenc longx

Zuc meih daih zuol yal
Zuov meih daaih longc yie

Neic xic ah nuol
Naaiv zeiz yietc diuh

Aic fun meih nyangh rongl
Baaux bun meih nyei nzung

Yal nyangh munh mbauc
Yie nyei houh saeng dorn

Oic meih ah mbeic laoh
Oix meih duqv lauh haic

Gongc mac sets daih
Gorngv maiv cuotv daaih

Aic nuol rongl fun meih
Baaux diuh nzung bun meih

Nangc gongc meih si iml ngas zengd naih yal
Daanh faanh meih hnyouv (fiem duang) yaac maaih yie

Meih xongc gongc setd daih
Meih jiouc gorngv cuotv daaih

Yal songc bo biauc zuc meih daih zuoc yal
Yie jiouc yiem biauv zuov meih daaih longc yie

***Ah siinh nyangh huv dingc dangc mbuih
Yietc sin nyaanh ging ding dorngx a'hneiv

Sangh duic nyangh nguic
Benx yietc doix nyei lui houx

Baanh xongh ah giaoc zul anl seenh miinc
Yie mbuo lomh nzoih zuqv jienv yiem sin zangc


August 11, 2017 7:08 AM
Are there anything else to say? Maybe not...
Aengx maaih waac gorngv nyei? Maiv maaih aqv saah...

Mien Cartoon
August 09, 2017 6:06 PM
Listening to music has always been one of the best methods to practice a language, whether it be practicing to read (from the lyrics), listen or speak. This is a new song by a Mien singer in China, Dangc, Mengh Jiem (Ngingv Liemh). Please support him by sharing. Thank you.

Nzung nyei mbuox: Jomc Mienh Maiv Maaih Zinh Lorz Auv
Fiev nyei mienh: Dangc, Mengh Jiem
Baaux nyei mienh: Dangc, Mengh Jiem

August 05, 2017 8:13 AM
Sharing some embroidering artwork done on the website by a Mien person from China. To do your own artwork, please head over to

Iu Mien Online Embroidering

Iu Mien Online Embroidering

Iu Mien Online Embroidering

Iu Mien Online Embroidering

Iu Mien Online Embroidering

Iu Mien Online Embroidering
July 23, 2017 10:05 PM
Dorn: Meih maiv hoqc mienh nzangc?
Sieqv: Yie zoux haaix nyungc oix zuqc hoqc mienh nzangc laeh?
Dorn: Hnangv meih naaic mienh mv zei oix zuqc hoqc mienh nzangc aqv nor maah.
Sieqv: Noih noih, meih naaic gorngv haaix nyungc ga'naaiv waac laeh.
Dorn: Gorngv a'nziaauc hnangv lorqc, zien-zien nor, mbuo ih zanc maaih nzangc daaih naaic oix zuqc hnangv janx nor, haih gorngv waac naaic yoc oix zuqc haih fiev aqv.
Sieqv: Oh, hnangv naaic norh?
Dorn: Aeqc, hnangv naaic nor norh maah. Maiv hoqc fiev nor, mbuo gorngv daaih nyei waac naaic oix zuqc jangx jienv hnangv.
Sieqv: Hnangv naaic nor yie yoc hoqc deix maah.
Dorn: Ox, hnangv naaic nor longx aqv.
July 19, 2017 1:41 PM
The new Mien writing system, although it seems that it is pretty standard here in the U.S., but when looking at the Mien written language used in China, you might have to take a second guess on what the word actually says. One example is the word for "you". Here in the U.S. it is commonly seen as "Meih", but in China, students are taught to use "Mueih". So, is there a standard in the writing? I'm not sure. I’m thinking this is just a dialect issue and we are writing it the way we say it.
July 08, 2017 11:16 PM
What will these two be saying next? We'll find out soon.

Cartoon - Iu Mien Girl and Boy
July 03, 2017 8:43 PM
Mienh muoz doic aac, yietc zungv cuotv daaih hoqc deix mbuo iu-mienh nyei nzangc oc.

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